The United Communist Party (VCP) in the municipality of Oldambt wants to regulate the home growing of medicinal cannabis through a convenient like in the city of Tilburg.

The VCP requested at a political meeting on Monday night that the mayor will inform with the local prosecution office and the police how to regulate the home growing of medicinal cannabis within the municipality-borders. The VCP directs towards the example in Tilburg where the mayor initiated a covenant before.

According to the VCP medicinal cannabis has gained acceptance. ‘Many people benefit form it, like in the form of weed oil. The use of this has had explosive increase lately’, the VCP stated.

The VCP finds it unexplainable that health insurances don’t cover medicinal cannabis, while there has been many scientific studies who show the efficacy of cannabis as medicine. ‘The herb is in fact a medicine. It’s a nature’s product which everybody should use.’ The VCP stated that medicinal cannabis is not to  be compared with weed form the coffeeshop, cause medical cannabis won’t get you that high and is not addictive. People with chronic pain can function better when using cannabis and saves costs for society as well, which is a pre in an expensive care-society.

It’s totally unheard of that people who grow cannabis at home for medicinal reasons are harassed by the police, who could do other things instead cause other police work is left behind.

The VCP things it’s time that the municipality regulated the home growing of medicinal cannabis on a save way looking at the quality as well. ‘We have to listen to experiences of doctors and the call of the people who benefit from cannabis as medicine, and have proof of the efficacy. We should regulate that within the municipality borders’ Mayor Smit promised to elaborate a vision on medicinal home grow policy for the municipality of Oldambt in a statement. Thus, to be continued…

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