Two of the three members of the CSC Trekt Uw Plant, founded in 2006 were released from prison in Antwerp. They were accused of money laundring and the production and posession of drugs in communion.

In the beginning of may there we 18 simultaneous house raids throughout Belgium, among which three members, the chairwoman, stand-up comedian and a grower were arrested. Now the chairwoman and the stand-up comedian filed a complaint against their arrest which was prolonged for a month initially, but now the complaint has been heard of by the court and the judge decided to release the two TUP-members from prison on may 23.

The vzw Trekt Uw Plant has hunderds of members, and is the first cannabis social club in Belgium. Since 2010 TUP grows cannabis for the members their personal use from the principle of one plant per member. The members get their cannabis at a trade-meeting and pay 7 euro per gram to cover the costs of care and productioncosts.

The grower of Trekt Uw Plant has not filed a complaint at the court yet, thus he remains in custody.

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