M. Hutten of the Foundation PGMCG (patient group medicinal cannabis users) in Tilburg received a letter from Mayor Noordanus in September 2016 detailing the terms on which it would be allowed to cultivate cannabis at home for medicinal purposes. This followed after a request from Mr. Hutten and S. de Bruijn for allowing the home cultivation of cannabis for medicinal purposes from an administrative framework. Also thanks to the advice questions that the group Smolders asked in the city council of Tilburg on medical cannabis cultivation at home and in the context of self-medication.

For many patients, the efficacy of the available selections from Bedrocan on prescription from the pharmacy through the Office for Medicinal Cannabis (BMC) is not sufficient. Moreover, there is often a maximum payment to the insurer so the pharmacy cannabis is to expensive for many patients. A recent survey shows three-quarters of the patients are compelled to involve cannabis from a source other than pharmacies, including through home cultivation of cannabis for personal use, or possibly through a collective for people who are unable itself to grow medicinal cannabis because of their disability.

This peculiar terminal initiative of Mayor Noordanus following coordination in the local triumvirate, has led to the scheduling of home-grow cannabis for medicinal use under a covenant in the municipalities of Bergen op Zoom, Arnhem, Hof van Twente and Heerlen. Also parliamentary questions we asked in the Tweede Kamer by the labour party about this, where the Minister of Health states that mayors have their own disciplinary discretion, but actually if cannabis is not grown under standardised conditions it should not be considered medicinal according to the Minister. Uptill now the PGMCG have about 14 patients providing in their own medicinal cannabis needs. Possibly the amendement of the green party on the billed weedlaw about homegrowing for patients will give another boost in The Netherlands for the perspective of ‘cannabis as selfmedication’.

Source: may 21: reguleren.com

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