Tree members of Trekt Uw Plant (TUP) the first cannabis social club in Belgium got arrested last week after 18 busts throughout Belgium. The court decided that they have to stay in prison.
The club sells weed to 500 members, among many medicinal users for about 295.000 euro per year, also to cover the costs of the grown harvests and which is published on the internet. The court wants to know how the finances of the club are handled. The 500 members pay 25 euro per year membership and get one personal plant in return, which is not located home, but is tagged with growers of the club. For every gram of dried weed a member pays 7 euro per gram. The harvest per plant depends, that goes from 20 to 60 grams per two months. TUP acts as a mediator between growers and members, all payments tot he growers are in cash, so the growers stay out of sight of the tax office, that’s why the court suspects TUP of money laundering of and trade of illegal grown cannabis.

Tuesday many supports came tot he courthouse, among a Belgian stand-up comedian to support on of the arrested TUP-members also stand up comedian. In this  Belgian ‘war on drugs’ this is the third time TUP has to stand up to court. The last two verdicts were an acquittal.

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