The Ministry of Health asked the Trimbos Institute to research the health effects of cannabis regulation in four states in America from 2012 till 2016.

The report looks at features of the policy on production, transport, sales, possession and use of recreational cannabis in the states of Colorado, Washington State, Oregon and Alaska. Also described in the report are measurements to possibly reduce health impact of cannabis use, based on desk research and scientific documents. The report looks at use, addiction, accidents and acute incidents in states with cannabis regulation.

In all four States with regulation of recreational cannabis the medical use of cannabis was allowed first. The allowance of the recreational use of cannabis in these states  was implemented after a referendum, but the health objectives for not predominant in this matter, so the health impact policy with the regulation has its limits.
The regulation of cannabis looks like the regulation of alcohol in the USA, so it seems that cannabis has become a usual consumer product. The sales and production of cannabis is organised through state-licenses, but local governments don’t have to allow the sale or production on their territories.

The general conclusion of the Trimbos report is that it’s still to early to draw solid conclusions on the health impact of the implementation of recreational cannabis regulation.

Source: June 13 (including a link to the dutch report):

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