In February there was a majority in Dutch parliament for a law to regulate the growing of weed fort he coffeeshops. Than weed can be bought with certified growers and there will be quality-control so it’s also clear what consumers smoke besides THC. The politician responsible fort his is Vera Bergkamp of D66, the liberal democrat party. It’s not quite sure yeti f this weed law will pass through the Senate. That’s way a journalist of VICE talked to Vera.

Vera forgot what she did on 420 when VICE asked her, nothing to do with cannabis at least.

VICE: What problem she wants to solve with thee weed law? -Vera: The most important motivation is that about 500.000 cannabis consumers don’t know what they are smoking. It’s the only product what’s allowed to be sold without knowing the ingredients. Secondly because the growing and transport is not allowed a big illegal market appeared with a enormous cash-flow. She spoke to many coffeeshop owners who would like to see things change. Also she got a lot of support from mayors and municipalities, it’s an important momentum. The mayors will be responsible fort he volume of the certified growing, but the Ministry of Health will issue the permits. The exact criteria will still have to be formulated though, first the law has to pass the Senate. The Senate have filed their questions, these first have to be answered and there could be a second round with questions also.If the Senate have all the information they need there will be a vote, that’s the procedure.

VICE: Coffeeshops don’t want light weed and if the allowed THC level will be to low people go  tot he streets isn’t it? -Vera: there has to be diversity in the supply, there has to be be an agreement about this cause we don’t want a big illegal street market of course.

VICE: How long will it take till we are allowed to grow yourselves? -Vera: there is an implementation period in the law, and it could still take years, the whole chain has to prepare for a shift from an illegal to an allowed context. Lots will depend of the position of the VVD, the democrat party who had a amendment for clever regulation on their congress, but during the parliamentary procedure they filed nothing about this though, so it’s not quite clear what their exact position is and will be.

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