Last October the police confiscated 10 kilos of weed at Kamperman’s home, for which he was put two days in solitary confinement in prison. The entrepreneur from the east of the Netherlands wanted to make medicinal weed oil for personal use and for patients, who get no support from their health insurance and thus can’t afford medicinal cannabis from the pharmacy. The 10 kilo from 5 weed plants from his garden were wet plants, after drying the weight would be only 1 kilo he states.
Kamperman wants to use the court case on Thursday 11th of may against him to plea for a sane medicinal cannabis policy in the Netherlands, while politicians in The Hague don’t make very little movement on the medicinal cannabis issue.
The public prosecutor has asked for two months probation and 120 hours of labour punishment, cause Kamperman stated that he kept plants for acquaintances next to the harvest of his own five weed plants. There were about 200 supporters of Kamperman present in court. The verdict will be issued at the 24th of may.

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