A new poll finds that a large percentage of Canadians say that they will smoke cannabis once the drug is legalised recreationally throughout the country. A whopping 4 out of 10, or 39% of individuals, say they will be cannabis consumers if the Prime Minister’s plan comes to pass (which it almost certainly will).

The poll was conducted by Oracle poll in conjunction with cannabis marketing consultant Colin Firth for their publication Canadian Cannabis Report: What’s the Buzz? The collaboration identified a number of interesting public sentiments from the 5,000-person sample size that is representative of Canada’s geographical and provincial makeup. They claim it is “the most detailed, comprehensive and unbiased consumer market research study ever performed for the emerging cannabis sector.We recognised a significant lack of data for this emerging industry. To date, there has not been a study of this magnitude of the Canadian people’s thoughts of the cannabis industry, both on the medical and recreational fronts,” report co-author Colin Firth said in a press release.

The poll also determined that 57% of Canadians support the Prime Minister’s cannabis law changes. Previous polls have generally shown a consistent pattern for the support of legalising marijuana, with most polls indicating that just slightly over half of all Canadians are in favour. -More interesting, a large percentage of current and potential users, 24%, believe they will replace alcohol with cannabis when it becomes legalised.

Some other interesting findings came out of the report. A vast majority of Canadians, 72%, believe that the federal government should pardon and eliminate previous convictions for simple cannabis possession. If the federal government wanted to follow one policy that has high support, pardons for simple possession would be one of them.
77% of respondents say they will buy from licensed growers, but it’s unclear how many know that it would be illegal to purchase from an illicit dispensary. It will be interesting to see just how compliant individuals will be with the new legislation, and if there will be enforcement against individuals who do not purchase from within the system.

The poll found that 63% of respondents preferred the retail model for recreational sales, and 30% prefer online shopping. Both sets of survey respondents will be happy to know that both retail sales and online sales will be permitted by Ontario and the province’s Liquor Control Board, which is controlling sales.
-The results of the poll generally find that Canadians are not unified on all aspects of legalisation—more than half want it to happen, but the figures suggest there may not be one-hundred percent compliance with the new legislation.

Source: September 14 – Newslift.co

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