The convictions for a man and a woman from Bierum, from the north of Holland for growing cannabis for coffeeshops still stand up in the highest Dutch court. The growers got three months prison on probation for a test period of two years.

The growers only provided two coffeeshops with weed of good quality tot heir own opinion, without using pesticides, paying the electricity bill for using lamps and paying taxes for their income. According tot heir lawyers the government is hypocrite for allowing the sale of cannabis in coffeeshops but not allowing the growing, also society finds this hypocrite and thus they should not get punishment their lawyers stated. But the court didn’t agree with this, politicians should decide what is punishable or not, not judges.
The court acknowledges the difference between the sales which is allowed, the growing which is forbidden and the discussion there is on the matter. But also that the discussion about this has not come to an end and that there is not a solid consensus to allow the growing of cannabis for coffeeshops as well.

The highest court in Holland confirmed their convictions.

Source: June 13:

For more info on this item (Dutch VICE, 27-8-2015):

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