What is Amsterdam Coffee anyway?

A coffee shop where you just order coffee, right? That is true everywhere in the world, except in Amsterdam. Our coffee is another word for the cannabis sold in coffee shops in Amsterdam. Amsterdam Coffee is, therefore, a household name in the world. Our concept!


At Amsterdam Coffeeshop, we believe that you can enjoy cannabis more if you use it wisely. Therefore, here are a few things you should know before you step into our shop.

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Do you think that the daily use of Amsterdam Coffee will solve your problems? Then stop and think about what you are doing. Only use cannabis when you are feeling good.

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Amsterdam Coffee has many flavors and strengths,  and the effect differs per person. So always start with a little when you try something new.

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The main active ingredients in Amsterdam Coffee are THC & CBD. A high dose can make you feel uncomfortable, anxious, or even paranoid. Do not panic; you will not die from a cannabis overdose.

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Amsterdam Coffee can make you perspire, dizzy, or give you heart palpitations. It’s not pleasant, but it’s not dangerous either. Find a quiet spot outside in the fresh air and eat something sweet.

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Amsterdam Coffee is quickly absorbed by your lungs, so you don’t have to inhale deeply, which is also better for your lungs.

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No Amsterdam Coffee if you are pregnant. Enjoy something different. Did you know that we make excellent milkshakes?

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Amsterdam Coffee reduces your ability to concentrate and react. Cannabis does not mix with school, work, or traffic.

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Combining Amsterdam Coffee with alcohol or other drugs can have unpredictable consequences. Still want to give it a go? Do it with friends around you and in a safe place.

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You can buy Amsterdam Coffee if you are 18 years or older. Do use in moderation. Before the age of 18, your brain is still developing and the use of cannabis has a negative influence on it.

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Different rules apply in other countries. It is forbidden to take Amsterdam Coffee abroad.

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Vaporizing lets you enjoy the pure taste of cannabis. A vaporizer is less harmful than smoking weed with tobacco and you need less cannabis for the same effect.

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Want to know something? Ask the group

We want you to feel at home with us. So if you want to know something or need anything, just ask one of us. We are happy to help you. Yes, really!

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Is it your first time here?  Discover the best way to start with Amsterdam Coffee.

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Cannabis, weed, and hash. What is what? What’s in it? And what does it do to you? Of course, you can discover it all yourself, but it might be useful to read about it first.

Cannabis basics

3 floors full of fun, come in and have a seat


Everything fresh

Don’t forget to eat and drink while enjoying Amsterdam Coffee. We make everything fresh every day and you can taste it! How about:

  • The most delicious special cakes
  • The milkshakes of Amsterdam
  • Fresh smoothies
  • The best coffee in town
  • Great toasties

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Feels good

What our guests say

by Bec A

My favorite local coffeeshop. Staff are friendly. I would love to work there. Such a relaxed atmosphere

by JamesN2314

Came in the shop at around 1.30pm. the guys on the front desk selling weed didn't seem to really care about the customers, just saw them as cash cows..I ...read more

by Jamaicangingercake

Surly unhelpful man behind the counter, the shop was quite busy so I thought I would check if there was a seat upstairs before we committed to buying anything. ...read more

by Redmel2017

By far my favourite Coffeeshop in Amsterdam. Staff are happy to help. Great price for what you get and a good range of options to chose from. Would definitely ...read more

by Lambretta101

Smart, clean, friendly staff and above all fantastic Space Cakes, oh- and the coffee ain't bad either. Five days/ 4 night in Amsterdam and 4 different coffee shops. We ...read more

by Kaylalister1997

Sick place. Pricier than some other coffee shops but the bud is worth the price. Would 100% recommend the edibles! Super strong and incredibly tasty! Would've liked to see ...read more

by Amy K

Visited in november with my boyfriend. He loves this coffee shop. It was great but the tea is not good.

by Koriep2019

This was easily one of my top 5 highlights of Amsterdam and there were so many highlights! This place is super nice and modern! I could hang out there ...read more

by ChipTheExplorer

What can I say... stellar bud, stellar service. Although the waitresses in there seemed well busy and kept shouting at people which was threatening to collapse my Easter egg ...read more

Amsterdam Genetics

Amsterdam Genetics is a seed company, founded by the people behind the coffeeshops Blue Tomato, Boerejongens, Coffeeshop Amsterdam, and the Tweede Kamer. Thanks to the close collaboration, we can offer the same high-quality genetics.

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