Dutch Police Officer deletes Twitter and Facebook accounts after threats

The Twitter account and Facebook page from police officer Braakenburg in the city of Harderwijk have been deleted. The social media accounts have been removed as a consequence of threats after posting about removing weed plants. ‘This goes beyond all boundaries’, says a spokesman in response to the weed plant affair of Braakenburg.
The police officer from the Harderwijk-neighbourhood posted a message on Facebook Friday about removing five weed plants from a balcony. That message got thousands of negative reviews on Facebook and Twitter. So that’s why he placed another message on Sunday, also receiving lots of negative responses. Monday night the threads started to come. For officer Braakenburg this was the reason to remove his accounts, according to a spokesman for the police.

People would have been encouraged to share the information of the officer, so they could ‘seek for him’. ‘The plants have been removed in accordance with the owner of the house’, Braakenburg wrote on Friday. The house owner understood that plants with such a size ‘would not be handy in the hood’. Understanding of the house owner or not, the weed plant affair was born. Sunday he posted: ‘The negative reactions I can understand, but do react with dignity’. He also said that his colleagues from the public prosecution office were reading the reactions to his post. ‘Before you know it you could be a suspect of a criminal reaction’. That last remark again resulted in negative wave on social media.

There was a lot of shouting by anonymous users of social media. And also somebody made a fake-account with Braakenburg’s name. So under this name, a lot of negative reactions were posted on social media. The police are aware of this fake-account and are not amused. Braakenburg himself on Monday had no further comments.

Source: August 28 – omroepgelderland.nl

A majority from the city council wants the ability to grow cannabis for medicinal use in the Westland.

There is a big chance that the upcoming coalition parties will but the item of medicinal cannabis on the table after the city council elections of 2018. A few weeks ago Piet Vreugdenhil (Christian Democrat) and Maxim van Ooijen (Liberal Democrat) already plead for growing weed. The alderman Theo Duijvestijn declared that the college already is talking about this behind closed doors. Being completely open about it is not possible, ‘it’s too soon to be concrete about this’ he stated.

‘It is not to be denied that many of our inhabitants benefit from medicinal cannabis oil’, according to liberal-democrat delegate Maxim van Ooijen. ‘The mayor of Tilburg has put up some rules to regulate medical home growing. I would like to adopt that, but we should see if we could make up a model for Westland for that’.

A Majority of the parties in the city council looks to agree with that. Remmert Keizer, chairman of CityInterest Westland, also thinks that medical cannabis users could be helped more accurate: ‘People almost feel like a criminal. If the use is medicinal, i think nobody can be against it’ Growing for recreational use or a coffeeshop looks one step to much. ‘We are prepared to think about that. Look if you do it like in Zwijndrecht (where a non-commercial coffeeshop was founded) also care that you organize the growing, but we are not that far yet’.

Considerate Westland would preferably see the weed growing on a professional basis. In a greenhouse with a licence, like the one in Groningen. ‘We as a city council do not decide that’, chairman Peter Duijsens told. ‘That’s why we should plea that the State-government allows a wider licence-policy. Of course under strict conditions’

Also the chairman of LPF-Westalnd, Dave van der Meer, says he cannot oppose if it helps people and reliefs pain. ‘But growing for recreational use, that does not make us very enthusiastic’.

Source 19th July: ad.nl

It’s has been a long political procedure, but it has now become a reality: New regulations for drugs testing in traffic for drivers in the Netherlands. So from July 1 the traffic police can test you on the use of drugs, also cannabis and can have a consequence that you loose your driver license in the worst case scenario.

The allowed amount of THC is 3 microgram per litre of blood. That means when you’ve just smoked driving is a no go! Because when smoking a joint the level goes up to 100 microgram per litre of blood. After that the level goes down quickly, so after three or four hours you should be able to drive, but that also depends on the individual breakdown and the way of cannabis consumption.
If you’re an experienced user the breakdown of THC goes much slower than that of an incidental cannabis consumer, because THC can get absorbed into the body fat, even an experienced chronic cannabis consumer could still have too high traces of THC after a few days of last consumption of cannabis when tested by the traffic police. The combination of cannabis with alcohol is specially tricky. In Belgium and Germany drugs test for drivers are also common.

The provider of the Dutch drug test is the German Drager with DrugCheck3000, find out more at: https://www.draeger.com/nl_nl/Alcohol-And-Drug-Detection/Products/Breath-Alcohol-and-Drug-Testing/Drug-Testing-Devices/DrugCheck-3000

Source: July 1: nos.nl