The convictions for a man and a woman from Bierum, from the north of Holland for growing cannabis for coffeeshops still stand up in the highest Dutch court. The growers got three months prison on probation for a test period of two years.

The growers only provided two coffeeshops with weed of good quality tot heir own opinion, without using pesticides, paying the electricity bill for using lamps and paying taxes for their income. According tot heir lawyers the government is hypocrite for allowing the sale of cannabis in coffeeshops but not allowing the growing, also society finds this hypocrite and thus they should not get punishment their lawyers stated. But the court didn’t agree with this, politicians should decide what is punishable or not, not judges.
The court acknowledges the difference between the sales which is allowed, the growing which is forbidden and the discussion there is on the matter. But also that the discussion about this has not come to an end and that there is not a solid consensus to allow the growing of cannabis for coffeeshops as well.

The highest court in Holland confirmed their convictions.

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Two of the three members of the CSC Trekt Uw Plant, founded in 2006 were released from prison in Antwerp. They were accused of money laundring and the production and posession of drugs in communion.

In the beginning of may there we 18 simultaneous house raids throughout Belgium, among which three members, the chairwoman, stand-up comedian and a grower were arrested. Now the chairwoman and the stand-up comedian filed a complaint against their arrest which was prolonged for a month initially, but now the complaint has been heard of by the court and the judge decided to release the two TUP-members from prison on may 23.

The vzw Trekt Uw Plant has hunderds of members, and is the first cannabis social club in Belgium. Since 2010 TUP grows cannabis for the members their personal use from the principle of one plant per member. The members get their cannabis at a trade-meeting and pay 7 euro per gram to cover the costs of care and productioncosts.

The grower of Trekt Uw Plant has not filed a complaint at the court yet, thus he remains in custody.

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Last October the police confiscated 10 kilos of weed at Kamperman’s home, for which he was put two days in solitary confinement in prison. The entrepreneur from the east of the Netherlands wanted to make medicinal weed oil for personal use and for patients, who get no support from their health insurance and thus can’t afford medicinal cannabis from the pharmacy. The 10 kilo from 5 weed plants from his garden were wet plants, after drying the weight would be only 1 kilo he states.
Kamperman wants to use the court case on Thursday 11th of may against him to plea for a sane medicinal cannabis policy in the Netherlands, while politicians in The Hague don’t make very little movement on the medicinal cannabis issue.
The public prosecutor has asked for two months probation and 120 hours of labour punishment, cause Kamperman stated that he kept plants for acquaintances next to the harvest of his own five weed plants. There were about 200 supporters of Kamperman present in court. The verdict will be issued at the 24th of may.

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Tree members of Trekt Uw Plant (TUP) the first cannabis social club in Belgium got arrested last week after 18 busts throughout Belgium. The court decided that they have to stay in prison.
The club sells weed to 500 members, among many medicinal users for about 295.000 euro per year, also to cover the costs of the grown harvests and which is published on the internet. The court wants to know how the finances of the club are handled. The 500 members pay 25 euro per year membership and get one personal plant in return, which is not located home, but is tagged with growers of the club. For every gram of dried weed a member pays 7 euro per gram. The harvest per plant depends, that goes from 20 to 60 grams per two months. TUP acts as a mediator between growers and members, all payments tot he growers are in cash, so the growers stay out of sight of the tax office, that’s why the court suspects TUP of money laundering of and trade of illegal grown cannabis.

Tuesday many supports came tot he courthouse, among a Belgian stand-up comedian to support on of the arrested TUP-members also stand up comedian. In this  Belgian ‘war on drugs’ this is the third time TUP has to stand up to court. The last two verdicts were an acquittal.

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