On June 8 the website of the national cannabis-alliance cannabis connect was launched on internet. The national coffeeshop entrepreneurs of organisations of The Amsterdam based: Bond voor Coffeeshopondernemers (BCD), the national Platform Cannabis Nederland (PCN) and The Epicurus Foundation who try to stimulate debate on a rational cannabis policy connect a total of 125 coffeeshops.
The goal of the alliance is to unite all energy for initiatives for a rational cannabis policy including needs of all the stakeholders. The initiatives should be realistic and based on practical experience.

Five examples found on the website:

1. Grasstrip – tries to include a many coffeeshops as possible and have visited 300 coffeeshops already (there are about 581 coffeeshops in the Netherlands)
2. Entrepreneur days – Organising days where central theme’s on cannabis policy are on the agenda and also to hold votes about standpoints of coffeeshops within the alliance.

3. Clean cannabis – An initiative looking at the possibilities to test cannabis on additives like pesticides.
4. Get the facts – Publishing united statements to press & politics on different cannabis-themes.
5. Grasspoll – An online survey in english and dutch for cannabis-consumers to get knowledge about their needs and opinions. The last year about 8000 surveys were taken and is still online, to participate check out: www.grasspoll.nl

To connect to cannabis connect: info@cannabisconnect.org

Source: June 8: http://www.cannabisconnect.org/

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