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Illegal weed growing will not stop under a different cannabis policy

If the government eases the condonance policy or restricts it, the illegal growing will continue, according to public civil servants of the Ministry of Health and Safety & Justice. The public civil servants looked at three scenario’s for future Dutch cannabis policy. In the first scenario sales and growing will be regulated, in the second […]

Was cannabis the real reason Britain colonised Australia

The first shipment of medicinal cannabis arrived in Perth earlier this month, but weed’s history in Australia stemmed from the arrival of the First Fleet. At Joseph Bank’s request, hemp boarded the first Fleet as cargo ‘for commerce’. His hope was to produce hemp commercially for the new colony.  According to Dr John Jiggens, Britain […]

Hundreds of Economists: Marijuana Prohibition Costs Billions, Legalisation Would Earn Billions

Over 300 economists, including three Nobel Laureates, recently signed a petition that encourages the president, Congress, governors and state legislatures to carefully consider marijuana legalisation in America. The petition draws attention to an article by Harvard economist Jeffrey Miron, whose findings highlight the substantial cost-savings our government could incur if it were to tax and regulate marijuana, rather […]