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Cannabis discovered in Viking grave

The Oseberg mound is the richest Viking burial ground that has ever been discovered and dates back to 834 AD. It was dug up in the year of 1904, and consisted of a Viking ship with two women in it, a young person around 50 years old, and an elderly person between the ages of […]

France will end prison sentences for cannabis consumers

French officials have announced a plan to discontinue prison sentences for cannabis consumers by the year’s end, according to a recent report. The change was a campaign promise of France’s newly elected liberal centrist President Emmanuel Macron and is a meaningful step toward cannabis reform for the country. However, according to government spokesperson Christophe Castaner, […]

Two members of Belgian CSC Trekt Uw Plant released from prison

Two of the three members of the CSC Trekt Uw Plant, founded in 2006 were released from prison in Antwerp. They were accused of money laundring and the production and posession of drugs in communion. In the beginning of may there we 18 simultaneous house raids throughout Belgium, among which three members, the chairwoman, stand-up […]

Tilburgs cannabis culture convenant

M. Hutten of the Foundation PGMCG (patient group medicinal cannabis users) in Tilburg received a letter from Mayor Noordanus in September 2016 detailing the terms on which it would be allowed to cultivate cannabis at home for medicinal purposes. This followed after a request from Mr. Hutten and S. de Bruijn for allowing the home […]

Guidance for States on Cannabis Regulations

New policy brief provides guidance to states on aligning regulations of recreational cannabis markets with international legal obligations. Collaboration between leading international scientific body and Canada’s premiere academic institution on global policy issues outlines four scenarios for how national governments could respond to questions of treaty compliance raised by their pursuit of domestic reform of […]

Growing weed should be legal according to drugs possession suspect

Last October the police confiscated 10 kilos of weed at Kamperman’s home, for which he was put two days in solitary confinement in prison. The entrepreneur from the east of the Netherlands wanted to make medicinal weed oil for personal use and for patients, who get no support from their health insurance and thus can’t […]

Three members of Belgian Cannabis Social Club stay in prison

Tree members of Trekt Uw Plant (TUP) the first cannabis social club in Belgium got arrested last week after 18 busts throughout Belgium. The court decided that they have to stay in prison. The club sells weed to 500 members, among many medicinal users for about 295.000 euro per year, also to cover the costs […]