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Canada releases guidelines for cannabis use

Canada’s most recent informational release consists of a list of ten guidelines to safely enjoy your cannabis related activities. Always courteous, Canada wants to make sure nobody overdoes their usage or has a bad time. Providing this list of cannabis precautions is similar to other guidelines about how to drink alcohol safely, and thoughtfully providing […]

Dutch Traffic Police can test drivers for THC from July 1

It’s has been a long political procedure, but it has now become a reality: New regulations for drugs testing in traffic for drivers in the Netherlands. So from July 1 the traffic police can test you on the use of drugs, also cannabis and can have a consequence that you loose your driver license in […]

Learn when cannabis is safe for pets

Thanks to the success of medical cannabis in humans, pet owners are becoming more interested how medical cannabis can improve the quality of life for their furry family members. The extension from human to pets may be influenced by cannabis legalisation, but many medications for dogs and cats are also given to humans. Substances like […]

Study on the cannabis regulation effects in the USA

The Ministry of Health asked the Trimbos Institute to research the health effects of cannabis regulation in four states in America from 2012 till 2016. The report looks at features of the policy on production, transport, sales, possession and use of recreational cannabis in the states of Colorado, Washington State, Oregon and Alaska. Also described […]

Convictions for ‘ideal’ out in the open growers remain

The convictions for a man and a woman from Bierum, from the north of Holland for growing cannabis for coffeeshops still stand up in the highest Dutch court. The growers got three months prison on probation for a test period of two years. The growers only provided two coffeeshops with weed of good quality tot […]

Cannabis Connect Launched

On June 8 the website of the national cannabis-alliance cannabis connect was launched on internet. The national coffeeshop entrepreneurs of organisations of The Amsterdam based: Bond voor Coffeeshopondernemers (BCD), the national Platform Cannabis Nederland (PCN) and The Epicurus Foundation who try to stimulate debate on a rational cannabis policy connect a total of 125 coffeeshops. […]