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Indian Cannabis Movement Gains Support from Maneka Gandhi

Taking inspiration from the West, India’s women and child development minister, Maneka Gandhi, has voiced her support for legalising marijuana in the country. In a meeting of a group of ministers (GOM) who are studying a new policy on drugs, 60-year-old Gandhi suggested that legalising the drug for medicinal purposes could be beneficial in India, […]

Medicinal cannabis farm allows rare glimpse into construction at secret Queensland location

A medicinal cannabis farm under construction in Queensland has opened its doors for the first time to offer an exclusive glimpse of its top-secret operation. Medifarm, based on the state’s Sunshine Coast, has a rare licence granted by the Federal Government to cultivate, produce and manufacture medicinal cannabis.When the farm is up and running, it […]

Could a legal quirk bring cannabis tourism to Switzerland?

Visitors to Switzerland are usually attracted by the promise of picturesque chalets and mountain hikes. But now they could have another, more unlikely, reason to pay a visit: cannabis. A Swiss supermarket has become the first major chain in the world to start selling cannabis cigarettes. Coop Cooperative shoppers can now grab a pack of the cigarettes […]

Long Lines Mark Uruguay’s Legal Cannabis Debut

MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay (AP) – Marijuana aficionados lined up at pharmacies across Uruguay on Wednesday to be among the first in the South American nation to legally buy pot as a law regulating its sale took full effect. Customers sniffed pungent green buds and grinned as they showed off blue-and-white envelopes containing the plant, which is […]

How to stimulate and support your endocannabinoid system? 

“The endogenous cannabinoid system, named after the plant that led to its discovery, is perhaps the most important physiologic system involved in establishing and maintaining human health.” Dr. Dustin Sulak It’s becoming increasingly clear that stimulating and supporting your endocannabinoid system is another way to improve your brain and mental health. But you don’t need to […]

Westland Greenhouses to grow medical marijuana?

A majority from the city council wants the ability to grow cannabis for medicinal use in the Westland. There is a big chance that the upcoming coalition parties will but the item of medicinal cannabis on the table after the city council elections of 2018. A few weeks ago Piet Vreugdenhil (Christian Democrat) and Maxim […]

Catalonia’s ground breaking new weed law

Last week the region of Catalonia in north-east Spain passed a law enabling a network of co-operatives to legally oversee the legal use, distribution and cultivation of cannabis.The move by the Parliament of Catalonia is the most dramatic cannabis law change yet in Spain, where similar reforms have been enacted in the Navarra and Basque […]

Japan Has Joined The Fight For Legalised Medical Cannabis

As more and more of the world continues to legalise cannabis every day, some sterner countries are finally starting to take notice. Smoking cannabis is highly frowned up in Japan culture, but one starlet is working to change the stereotypes and bring medical cannabis to an entire nation. Actress turned activist Saya Takagi has lived her […]

Blow for coffeeshops as numbers continue to decline

The number of ‘coffeeshops’ in the Netherlands is continuing to fall but the closure rate has slowed, new official figures show. Last year there were 573 outlets licensed to sell cannabis, 18 fewer than two years earlier and 41 less than the number in 2012. The figures showed that Amsterdam accounts for 173 of all […]