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Officer deletes Twitter and Facebook accounts

Dutch Police Officer deletes Twitter and Facebook accounts after threats The Twitter account and Facebook page from police officer Braakenburg in the city of Harderwijk have been deleted. The social media accounts have been removed as a consequence of threats after posting about removing weed plants. ‘This goes beyond all boundaries’, says a spokesman in […]

German Drug Czar Attacks US Cannabis Lobby

The Drug Czar of the Federal Republic of Germany, Marlene Mortler (CSU), verbally attacked the U.S. cannabis lobby during a presentation of the government’s 2017 Drug and Addiction Report. During a recent press conference, Mortler explained that “U.S. cannabis companies are doing a great deal of business in Germany.” The CSU-representative added that the wealthy nation of […]

Lagunitas Releases Beer Made With Cannabis, a natural pairing

It only makes sense that a classic California beer company would end up teaming up with a cannabis company Last week, Lagunitas Brewing Company debuted their SuperCritical Ale, a beer brewed with terpenes, aromatic compounds of essential oils that are extracted from some plants, including cannabis and hops. “What we’re trying to focus on really has nothing to […]

Netflix develops marijuana strains based on its original shows

Netflix has co-created a set of cannabis strains based on a selection of its most popular original shows. The set, called The Netflix Collection, will be sold as part of a pop-up event at Alternative Herbal Health Services in West Hollywood from 25-27 August to legal medical marijuana card-holding customers. Federal laws prevent the products […]

Pot flies off the shelves in Uruguay until U.S. Banks weighed In

The pharmacies selling pot were doing a brisk business. After Uruguay became the first country in the world to fully legalise marijuana sales for recreational use last month, some of the pharmacies struggled to keep up with the demand. Then came the stern letters from American banks. The letters immediately sent officials in Uruguay scrambling to make sense […]

Dagga ban ‘racist and unscientific’

The South African law banning the smoking and cultivation of dagga is racist‚ unscientific and neither rational or based on good lawmaking. This was the testimony of Rhodes University historian Craig Paterson. His master’s dissertation probed how colonial laws criminalising dagga use came to be. He is a witness in the trial brought by Myrtle […]


The entourage effect: much more than just THC and CBD

For years now THC has been the most popular and widely researched cannabinoid in cannabis science. However, nowadays like CBD has stolen the spotlight given its ability to provide therapeutic relief to children suffering from various epileptic disorders, while lacking the psychotropic effects (i.e. high) of THC. It’s even gotten to the point that state legislature […]

high tea comes to coffeeshop amsterdam

High Tea at coffeeshopamsterdam takes place every Sunday between the 27th of August and September 17th. Regular visitors to our shop, as well as visitors to Amsterdam are welcome to come along and join us for our very own special high tea.