Michiel van Nispen MP of the Socialist Party issued parliamentary questions the Minister of Security and Justice on april the fourth about raids by the police with home growers. On may 16 these were answered by Minister Stef Blok and again as usual the answers a quite formal.

The separate questions were about tree cases where the police used brute force during the raids. One was about a traumatised family in the upper north of Holland, where the parents were taken in custody and the children left at home alone by the Police. But the Minister quoted the verdict and stated that the Police force was impressive, but not over the top. That these growers had an agreement years ago with the tax office paying taxes for growing weed was not taken over by the court, so according to the Minister there was not an idealistic motive but a focus for financial gain instead.
The second was about a home grower from Emmen, in the east of Holland, when there was a big Police force raiding the house of a woman, growing weed for her own use, again the Minister downplayed the shape of the police force stating that no Police helicopers were used.
The third case form Middelburg in the south was about an MS patient who had three weed-plants in the garden for his own medical stash and during a search the police found 364 grams of ready to use weed and later after he had to leave his house cause of this quantity after a request of the Mayor. The public prosecutor decided to drop the case against the MS patient under probation in the end the Minister replied.

The Socialist Party also asked if the police makes an educated guess if a case concerns a small home grower who grows for his or her personal use or a large scale commercial grow operation. The Minister replied that with 5 plants or less they will be confiscated and no charges will be pressed. Mostly because of anonymous tips the police investigates a certain location and then decide to do a raid or not. But for the police there is no difference if it’s a small or big grow operation, they are both illegal and can be a tread fort he public safety according to Minister Blok.

Source: may 16 tweedekamer.nl

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