If the government eases the condonance policy or restricts it, the illegal growing will continue, according to public civil servants of the Ministry of Health and Safety & Justice.

The public civil servants looked at three scenario’s for future Dutch cannabis policy. In the first scenario sales and growing will be regulated, in the second the current condonance policy will be eased from coffeeshops towards growing weed. The last scenario the sales and the growing will be forbidden totally. Wit hall the scenario’s the public civil servants expect a minor effect on the illegal growing of weed. Under the current situation only a small part of the illegal grown harvest gets to the coffeeshops, the main part is targeted for export, and that market is not about to change.

Last February the Dutch parliament voted for the condoning of growing weed, but according tot he public civil servants that scenario will bring the most insecurities, because it doesn’t coincide with new legislation. According to the public civil servants if the cannabis growing would be regulated or legalised that would mean extra work, e.g every harvest (seven to eight times on a yearly basis) (?) would have to be quality-checked, and growers and sellers would have to keep up a strict administration.

Source may 10: trouw.nl

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